Behind the scenes

Why this page?

I started this page because most of the other the info/pictures on this website are of the clean type “end result” product ones. What interest me personally is the craft and process behind a good result and the development needed to keep improving. So I feel like sharing this with you. Be aware that only a fraction of what is going on is visible on here. It is so busy that I don’t have time to maintain this page properly. More frequent / general updates can be found on the Facebook page.

I like to give people the opportunity to have a realistic look at what I am working on behind the scenes, how it is to run a “one man” workshop and what kind of challenges I encounter. Basically the things that happen besides instrument making. And usually after or before normal work times. Often when normal people sleep.

You’ll likely see things that you wouldn’t expect. Machine maintanance, tool making, furniture upgrades, travel, etc. 


More CNC setup! Our new tool table and boring block holder are in!

If you scroll down a little you’ll see the drawing of this tool holding table. It was produced by a local business and I am very happy with it. It is a huge upgrade of the machine. The block mounted on top needs some holes bored into it to hold boring tools for rims and cups. On the “ears” of the table another type of tool wil be mounted to turn outside diameters/shapes.

Improving workflow

We are still in the setup process for the CNC lathe. I picked up a big 48” HD monitor to improve workflow. No more squinting at the small screen :)

New brains for the bleep bloop! And new software!

A little investment in new software resulting in another little investment because of system requirements. Doing things thoroughly. There is no rush with the cnc project so we have time to do things like this!

Working on the “bleep-bloop”

The “bleep bloop” (as my wife calls the cnc lathe) is upgraded with jogging capability. This means installing stuff in the Electrical Box on the back of the machine. It’s now even more “badass” than before!
25 Oct 2021

CNC adventure continues

Been working on more part drawings for the cnc lathe. This drawing will be made into real steel parts soon. It is the toolholding table for the new cnc lathe that we are setting up for so called “gang tooling. Steps in the right direction!

25 Oct 2021

New Drill Press

Last week I decided to replace my old trusty drill press with a newer model. Still 45 years old but this new machine will allow using a sturdy crosstable. It runs like it has never seen any use. All the machine upgrades of the last few month have a positive impact om the workflow and quality of the products. The next machine to be replaced is the milling machine.

Another new machine day

I bought a beautiful vintage tablesaw that needs a bit of work mechanically and more work aestetically, but I am sure it’ll be worth it. Looking forward to work on it.

New Hardware

Finally found a good table for my lathe tools. The only problem with it was that it was blue. Not anymore!

Welcome CNC lathe!

Finally got a suitable cnc machine! A big investment but also a dream come true. It will need quite a lot of work to get it to turn mouthpieces and it will be a steep learning curve from here but I am very excited to let that happen!

Picking up a new machine!

A long awaited investment. The reason for selling some tools and saving up…this is going to be quite the project

Making way for the new mystery machine

Moving lots of heavy machines to create a path to get the new machine into a corner of the workshop. It’s a mess with things out of place and my ADD doesn’t like this at all..

Bye Bye little lathe!

The trusty Schaublin 102 lathe will go to a new home in Berlin. I sold it to my colleague Jake Kline from the “Berliner Tuba”. But sold it for a good reason. See next post!

Tuning slide making for a brand new project! Traditional rotary trumpets in C for orchestral playing. Got to test new tooling for this. The result is flawless.

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