Natural Trumpet Cases

Baroque Trumpet Cases

We offer cases for natural trumpets. There are three basic baroque trumpet cases that we usually have in stock. The photos (with old model flextune trumpets in it) we have used here aren’t great but better than nothing. As soon as time permits we will be taking good photos so there will me more details to look at.

These cases are German made, decent quality cases. Designed to protect your instruments in the best possible way. There are three different standard sizes but they can also be custom made to your preferred sizes. If you would like info about that then please contact us. 

The cases all have a compartment in the lid that can be used to put yards in, and in case of the double cases also A4 sized paper or a standard size iPad. Besides that there is usually space for two or three mouthpieces and a slot for crooks and leadpipes. Also in the single cases. The cases come with keys and a shoulder strap. For prices and options please scroll down in this screen.

Natural Trumpet Cases

  • Double case for two assembled long shape trumpets. It fits two long trumpets of max or a long and a short instrument like one of our Aether High Pitch trumpets or a three hole trumpet.

—> The outer dimensions of the long double case are

  • Single case for assembled long shape (4hole) natural trumpet.

—>The outer dimensions of the long single case are

  • Single case for disassembled (Mod+) natural trumpet or assembled 3 hole instrument. This case meets the size requirements for taking it as carry on luggage when flying.

—>The outer dimensions of the short single case are 70x17x14 (approx 27.5”x6.5”x5.5”).

Three different baroque trumpet cases

Three different baroque trumpet cases

Long Double Case for Natural Trumpets

Long Double Case for Natural Trumpets

Long Single Case for Natural Trumpet

Long Single Case for Natural Trumpet

Case Pricing

These handmade cases are reasonably priced. We make little to no profit on these cases because we want to encourage everybody to use good quality cases. Repairing fragile instruments and parts is sometimes more work than making new parts. In the end a good instrument deserves a good bed to rest in when not in use ;)

If you are not in a rush with your case it is possible to have the case lined and/or covered in another material/colours. This can take up to two months, depending on how busy they are at the case manufacturers. 

The same is for custom sized cases. These are possible but details need to be discussed. If you wish to ask questions about this, then please contact us.

The prices for the standard range of natural trumpet cases might fluctuate a bit but will be around:

  • Single Short Case €165
  • Single Long Case €180
  • Double Short Case €250
  • Double Long Case €270

Please contact me for current pricing.

–> If you order a case with a new built trumpet the case will be shipped separately from the instrument. From the Netherlands shipping worldwide is not a problem, pretty fast and affordable. Please contact me for more information.

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