Maintenance, Repair and Modification Prices


Due to high demand some if the listed prices have increased by around 20%. I have had no time to correct these yet. Please phone if there are any questions or enquiries about pricing.

Quality for kids exchange program

 At this moment we need donor trumpets for our Q4K project. If you happen to have a Conn, King, Geuzen, Bundy, Olds, Besson or other quality instrument that is no longer in use it might be possible to use the instrument as (part of) a payment for our hours. This means you could exchange your old trumpet to (partly?) pay for repairs on your current instrument. If you think we might be able to do this then please contact us to ask for possibilities. Best is to already email us some pictures of the instrument you have to exchange.

Because we are not a shop, but instrument builders / repair service we tend to calculate hours. Every repair is different. This is why it isn’t easy to make a price list with set prices. The prices below are estimates, including 21% VAT (BTW for dutch people). So prices may vary. If more services are combined we always try to plan these in such a way that the price stays as low as possible. Work on Q4K instruments are against 30% reduced prices.

Care products (oil, brushes, etc) can be ordered or purchased at the workshop.


  • Basic Maintanance Service: €120,00*
  • More Maintanance Service:  €140,00*
  • Complete Maintanance Service:  €150,00*

*including ultrasone cleaning if applicable.

Important: Work on rotary instruments takes more time. Prices for maintainance work on rotary instruments are around double compared to work on perinet instruments. All prices may vary depending on the severity of dirt/corrosion and oxidation of the finish.  

Please see maintanance Page for more details of the services

  • Replace waterkey cork/rubber €8,00
  • Replace valve and valve cap Cork / Felt €20,00
  • Digital Valve Allignment and testing and adjusting session (exl. materials) €50

Care Products

Ultra Pure Valve Oil line

Ultra Pure Valve Oil line

We advise to use the ultra pure products for your (rotary) valves and fast moving slides (triggers) and the ticker JM products for your rotary linkages and slow moving slides. It’s important to use the correct lubricants for your instrument. 

Valve Oils

Ultra Pure Blue - for new or very tight perinet or rotary valves: €10,00

Ultra Pure Green - for standard fit perinet and rotary valves: €10.00

Ultra Pure Black - for older, vintage fit perinet valves €10.00

Slide and Linkage lubricants

Ultra Pure tuning slide oil for triggers: €10,00

JM Meinlschmidt  #13.5 Bearing and Linkage : €9,00


JM Meinlschmidt  #7 slide grease: €9,00

JM Meinlschmidt  #8 slide grease: €9,00

Brushes and Snakes

Brass  Saver professional cleaning set with (nearly indestructible) long flexible snake and a double sided, fixed straight brush: €35,00

--> we use this set daily in our shop

JM Meinlschmidt  Hydro Jet. High pressure water jet cleaner that can be connected to the home shower connection.

JM product line

JM product line

Other repairs (price inication)

  • Extracting stuck mouthpiece: FREE
  • Re-rounding a mouthpiece backbore: €10,00
  • Re-rounding a standard mouthpiece receiver: €15,00
  • Replacing water key spring: €15,00  
  • Loosening stuck slide: starting at €20,00
  • Loosening stuck valves: starting at €15,00
  • Aligning / Lapping a trigger slide: starting at €20,00
  • Resoldering Braces: starting at €25,00
  • Little thumb screws for (bach, conn, kanstul etc) raw brass: €13,00
  • O-ring to silence a stop systeem: €2,00
  • O-ring to silence slides: 2,00

  • Relacquering a cornet/trumpet/flugel: starting at €300,00
  • Silver plating or replating a cornet/trumpet/flugel: starting at €400,00

General workshop fee (dent work, soldering, brazing etc.) is €75/hour, depending on the type of damage/work. The complexity of the damage, and not the size of it usually determines how much work it is.


  • Remove a saturn waterkey: FREE (because those are horrible)
  • Swap a joykey (auto dewatering key) for a professional product: €45,00
  • Swap or add a high quality amado waterkey: €30,00
  • Adding a slide trigger to first valve: starting at €75,00
  • Adding a slide trigger to third valve: starting at €80,00
  • Produce and add a custom tuning slide: starting at €170,00  
  • Produce and add a custom leadpipe: starting at €185,00
  • Replace hooks for modern style rings or hooks: starting at €35,00
  • Replace or add a 1st or 3rd valve stop system: starting at €50,00

Modifications prices are fully dependent of the total amount of time spent and materials used to get the job done properly. If you wish to discuss modifications and prices then please contact us.

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