All our occasions have at least had a chem-clean and technical checkup. Parts that don’t live up to our standard get replaced or restored. I try to keep our occasion prices very reasonable. Instruments that are only technically restored we call a revised. If desired the a new finish can be arranged. It’s around €250 for new lacquer and around €350-€400 for silver plate. If a new finish is added to the revised instrument we speak of a full restoration. 

A revised instrument is just as functional as a fully restored one. The biggest visible difference is that there may be some colour differences on the finish of the revised instruments due to possible repair work.

Most of the occasions and Q4K instruments don’t even make it to the website because they are sold before I had time to put these up on the website. If you are interested to stay informed about possible new occasions and/or Q4K instruments then please contact us to be added to the interest list