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The big workshop move

17 Jan 2021

Upgrading the ugly trailer

At the start of this project I bought a used trailer. It’s been very handy for construction supplies etc but now I am moving things over it needed some cargo hooks adding. I dragged the family out for a road trip and picked up used hooks. Fitted them in the evening. Tomorrow: moving cupboards

15 Jan 2021

Rebuilding the main desks

I moved and rebuilt the main desks and corresponding hand tools! People that know my old shop well will recognize this setup. It’s identical to the old setup because it works. Next up is a bunch of cupboards to move!
14 Jan 2021

Moving has started!

There are still many small things to do in the workshop but I am starting to move my things into the new workshop. To keep overview I’ll be moving each bench with it’s contents seperate. The machines go last with a bigger truck.
13 Jan 2021

Tidying things up

My wife and oldest son in the house! William (son) and I made some wooden covers to tidy the place up. The rest of the day I was teaching online lessons
12 Jan 2021

All floors done

I finished all the floors today and I went to my old workshop to organize some things for moving.
11 Jan 2021

Plaster and more floors

After a rest on sunday a lot happened today. Plaster was done in the toilet, and I worked on the rest of the floors. It’s starting to look like something now 😉.

9 Jan 2021

A floor hero is back!

I started the day alone putting in the upstairs floor. Towards the end of the day Nicolas was back to assist. Instead he nearly took over and put a lot of his energy in getting things finished. All that is left to do upstairs is the floor in the polish room. Doing that on monday. Tomorrow I must rest.
8 Jan 2021

Prepping for upstairs floor

Today i brought away all the wood scraps for downstairs and later my family gave me a little hand to make a start on the upstairs floor. This is going to to be a lot of work with a lot of little planks..
7 Jan 2021

Downstairs floor with the floor heroes!

Today Nicolas and Chris came to help me with the downsairs floor. They worked so hard that the downstairs is all done! Amazing teamwork but for outsiders ee must have looked like ants randomly running around.
6 Jan 2021

Sorting out all the wood for downstairs

After a day of online teaching I sorted out all the beginning and ends of the floor for downstairs. This is needed because I picked up the floor used. Don’t want to end up with too little!
5 Jan 2021

Laquer Finished!

All the laquer work that needed finishing before the floor is put in is finished! In the photo you only see a small part of all the work done. Tomorrow I prepare downstairs for flooring! Thursday we work on the downstairs floor.
4 Jan 2021

Painting with Graham

Yesterday and today I had the honour to work with Graham Nicholson. We made progress on the paintwork. What a guy. One more layer of laquer on the doors, doorframes and windowframes and then those are done!
1 Jan 2021

Preparing for woodwork paint

All the wall connections to door and window frames have been sealed up so tomorrow I can start paintwork on the door and window frames. As soon that is done the floors can be put in. Then the actual moving of things can start.
30 Dec 2020

Progress progress

Over the last few days I have been doing lots of work on the walls and bought and collected the downstairs and upstairs oak floors. Next steps are painting the door and window frames and add floors. Then...move in!
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