The big workshop move

Moving into my own property

2020 and 2021 were intense years. In the beginning of 2020 just before covid19 we bought our own workshop property that was built throughout 2020. In November that year we received the keys to the new place. Almost all the work inside the place had to be done by us because of covid and cowboy builders. Below you can see how this all went.

27 Feb 2021

Back to trumpet work!

I decided to declare the new workshop finished. It “only” took 97 long days. Much longer than anticipated BUT the result is very good and futureproof. The few things that are left to do are not vital and can be done on the evening hours, when normal people are asleep. I’ve got used to this now.

From monday, March 1 2021 The days will be filled with trumpet work again! Keep an eye on the website and social media for some nice pictures that are coming soon!

23 Feb 2021

More loose ends!

Today was the last tech day. Over the last week I have been installing network, alarm system and today the cctv. A challenge to install it all and get it working the way it is meant to. There are more things left to do but they can be done in the nights. This week the trumpet work starts again. I was hoping to have that one day where I could declare it all finished but this is unfortunately not the case. No rest for the wicked!
18 Feb 2021

The last stretch

Nearly, nearly!!!
14 Feb 2021

Finishing touch.

Last week was one of a kind. I lost my only set of car keys. It stopped me from doing some things I needed my car for. Like for example picking up the dibond splash shields for the kitchen, trips to get rid of the last building materials, etc. The corona lockdown and the snow we have here were not helping with this either. Everything I need to buy has to be ordered or bought from colleagues with a building business nearby. But I think I can say that I am now working on the finishing touch activities, although I still need to sort out some electrical issues and add some lights downstairs. But I hope that I can start repair and building trumpets work again this week and use the evenings to work on finishing all the jobs left to do in the workshop. This report is therefore not finished yet!
1 Feb 2021

It’s coming back to life!

The last week was full of endless odds and ends. Painting the toilet walls, connecting all the machines, produce mounting plates for the forming tools upstairs, build up the kitchen area, the office, photo corner, pick up some machine stand, repaint them, make shelves, etc. I was hoping to start working again on monday but I have 2-3 more days to go with odds and ends before I can. But the end is near 😊
29 Jan 2021


What you see here is my old workshop. For people that have been in it filled with tools, machines and instruments this will probably look just as strange as it does to me. The coming week I’ll be working at making the new shop functional. Good stuff!

29 Jan 2021

Machine moving day

We (me and Graham Nicholson and a very nice helpful forklift guy from a neighbour factory) moved all the machines safe and sound. The move was intense but successful. The coming three days will be spent getting the old rental space back to the state the way I got it 4 years ago. Next week I’ll get the new shop up to working speed again!
25 Jan 2021

Racing the deadline

I am not posting daily updates at the moment because I am racing against the clock. I have been since november 20th and I am happy I worked long days because it looks like I’ll just make it. In 5 days my rental lease ends. A lot of stuff has already been moved last week. Today I moved lots of smalls, took apart the scaffolding island structure, cut it to new shop dimensions and rebuilt it in the new shop. Doing it all alone feels slow. In the photo you see the old shop after I’d taken it down. I move the remaing (bigger) machines on thursday and friday/saturday I’ll be cleaning up the old shop space. And then next week I will be getting things ready to start working again :D
21 Jan 2021

Some risk taking paid off

We used a forklift and daring construction to move in the heavier pieces onto the first floor. Thank you Hans van Loenen for your presence and muscle power. And Gerard my neighbour who has no fear..

18 Jan 2021

Move, move!

Worked alone this week. Corona isn’t helping me. It’s hard to tear down the workshop I have been working in. The mess makes me restless. But I moved a lot of stuff and made sure that everything that needs to go upstairs is in the new shop. Today we are using a forklift to move those upstairs, trough a window that should be just big enough 😉.
16 Jan 2021

Upgrading the ugly trailer

At the start of this project I bought a used trailer. It’s been very handy for construction supplies etc but now I am moving things over it needed some cargo hooks adding. I dragged the family out for a road trip and picked up used hooks. With the shops closed and postal delays the fastest way to keep it all going. Fitted the hooks in the evening. Tomorrow: moving cupboards

15 Jan 2021

Rebuilding the main desks

I moved and rebuilt the main desks and corresponding hand tools! People that know my old shop well will recognize this setup. It’s identical to the old setup because it works. Next up is a bunch of cupboards to move!
14 Jan 2021

Moving has started!

There are still many small things to do in the workshop but I am starting to move my things into the new workshop. To keep overview I’ll be moving each bench with it’s contents seperate. The machines go last with a bigger truck.
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