The big workshop move

15 Jul 2020

We have a roof!

It’s not in the picture but there is a roof! All the building work goes as planned. I can imagine working in this space. Exciting!
9 Jul 2020


On the ground floor they already have started the brickwork whilst they are building walls on the 1st floor. It’s all going pretty fast!
23 Jun 2020

Pouring the first floor deck.

They have poured the 1st floor decking! Next up is the walls of the first floor and already brickwork on at the base of the building.
15 Jun 2020

The unit with the double door with the single door next to it is mine. Can’t wait for it to be finished!
29 May 2020

Building Walls

This point in the build is exciting. It goes fast and the structure is starting to look like a building a little. The beautiful weather helps them to stay on track with the planning.
24 May 2020

Wow they are going fast!

I didn’t check for 20 days. Good that I went today! The footing has been poured and on the side there already are more blocks to create the outer walls. My ground floor will have underfloor heating, just like I have at the moment. I am informing myself about floor types that can go in just after a build has been completed. ideally I’d like the custom shop to have engineered oak floors but since I have little time for the actual move I have to make sure that this is not going to be destroyed by moisture left in the footing.

10 May 2020

Example Unit

My unit will look like this when finished. But there will not be an overhead door. There will be a nice wood and glass workshop front! There will be 50m2 downstairs for heavier equipment and toilet and 50m2 upstairs. Currently I am comfortably working on a (well organised) 56m2 shop surface. I am still trying to work out where I will have my main workbench. It’s a nice puzzle to think about. 
10 Apr 2020

Footing base finished

The build started on April 2nd 2020.

Here in NL all buildings have a footing that is built on piles. These are long concrete bars with steel reinforcing in them. They drill or ram these piles deep into the surface and pour the footing around them. A week ago I went here and all I saw was a lot of sand. Now suddenly all the piles are in. Next up is pouring the footing.

18 Mar 2020

A first glimpse

Today all the official finance papers were signed. Of course I drove to the new location in the hope that my new space would magically be waiting for me ;)

Nothing seems to be going on here yet but in a few weeks the build will start here soon and within 6-7 months from then my building should be finished. From the workshop I will have a view over the green fields on the right. 

9 Jan 2020


Today was a fantastic day! From today on I own my own business building. After having rented for nearly 10 years in three different locations I will now no longer have to fear the day I have to move the shop again. NICE!

The only thing is that the building isn’t there. Yet. It is currently being built in Wijk bij Duurstede. A ten minute bike ride from home. So I have to be patient and use the time between now and the big move in Okt - Nov to make plans and get organised. Walls, electrics, floors, a new setup divided over two floors, etc

This big business move has been made possible by everybody that believes in my work (including my friends and family) and people that come to me for instruments, repairs, lessons, advice, etc.

Besides that I ran a crowdfunder in 2019 that was successful enough to give me the confidence to make such a big step. That crowdfunder had a snowball effect on me personally and I would like to thank all the people that helped me that way again. 

HI Mark!
Great you have in near future your own atelier.
Make uitmto a big success!
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