Perinet Instruments

Perinet Valves

Perinet valves are straight cylinders (pistons) that can move up and down in the valve casing. These are worldwide the most commonly used valves on small brass instruments like trumpets, flugelhorns and cornets. Usually the average bore size on these modern valve blocks for trumpets is around 11.7mm. Bigger than on rotary valves, where the average bore size is around 11.2mm. Because of the common configuration with a longer first run (from mouthpiece into 3rd valve) the characteristic bigger perinet bore can still feel smaller than the 11.2 rotary valves. This all depends on the chosen design, leadipes, bracing. etc.

Base Models

Our customisable instruments with perinet valves:

- RBM (Red Brass Monster) Bb Trumpet (dark but direct)  

- UWB (Universal Work Horse) Bb or C Trumpet (allround)

- FYB (Flying Yellow Bird) Bb Trumpet (light)  

I am not specifying more about the setup of these instruments because there is a lot to customise on each invidual model. Sizes, materials, bracing types and positions, hooks/rings, triggers ,etc.

To see and hear a jazz ballad played on te RBM trumpet click here.

If you’d like more info please contact me with your inquiries. 

Red Brass Monster Bb Trumpet

Please have a look at these photos. If you look closely you can see the differences between the different RBM designs. All these differences are carefully planned and discussed before and sometimes during the building process. For overseas customers or customers that live too far to visit I offer a close monitoring service by sending picture, videos and sometimes even a live video feed of the building process. When it comes to the design I make sure that we never go over the line of functionality and playability but I will always try to make your instrument as personal as possible.

If you like to read about how people have experienced the process of ordering and the communication dynamics during the build please have a look at the customer reviews page.

This is the RBM valve block fitted with heavier/modern style finger buttons, top and bottom caps. This is an option on all of the perinet instruments, including the UWH models. These add a little slotting and rigidness to the setup. 
Two differently configured RBM Bb trumpets
Two differently configured RBM Bb trumpets

Universal Work Horse Bb Trumpet

This instrument is a different kettle off fish. It has a slightly lighter build and it is  meant to have in a similar kind of character as a “good old”  Bach Stradivarius. The way they are (unfortunately) not made anymore, but then better, obviously. It is very responsive and will blend effortlessly. Just like any other trumpet I make the resistance is very even and it can have many custom options.

A big difference here is for example the lacquer that gives a classic feel to the instrument. In raw brass this instrument would look a lot less “classic”. I thought it was nice to show these differences. If you have any questions about the custom options and what exactly can all be customised then please contact me. 

A set of custom UWH trumpets in Bb and C
A set of custom UWH trumpets in Bb and C

These two UWH have a different look than the one below (in laquer) but the technical differences are small. This is how flexible I can be with customizing the instrument to your preferences. The base for the UWH model is the medium weight valve block and the rest is built around it, and customizable. This particular customer wanted a modern design with a classic twist. Playablity and sound aimed at a bach 37 model. This is why there are only rings and no hooks, and the c trumpet has a slightly heavier receiver. The bracing in classic, almost conn style. I like working with my customers to make the best and prettiest possible istrument.

 Any more questions or info can be simply requested by contacting me.
UWH BbTrumpet with clear lacquer finish
UWH BbTrumpet with clear lacquer finish