New Built Trumpets

Handmade for you

Have you always wanted an instrument that is especially made to your preferences and specifications? Then please contact me with your wishes and questions. I will work with you to design your dream instrument. 

What we produce

I build historic trumpets, rotary instruments, and perinet instruments. I do have a “standard range” of each but most of the time we customise each individual instrument to the players preferences. Customising is not like using Lego, where everything is freely interchangeable. That is why I use a few base models as a starting point. These can be adapted to your preferences without compromising intonation, and overall playability.

For the valved trumpets for example there is choice of chosen materials, bore, bell size, bell materials, finger hooks/rings, different brace styles, different style valve blocks, added (personal!) engravings, etc.

Historic natural trumpets are customised by balancing the block, creating the preferred resistance (using different leadpipe shapes), setting the correct angle for the fingerholes to match ergonomics, etc

Quality over Pride

All the parts for your instrument are made here in the workshop, except for the ones that can made better elsewhere. My motto is that it’s okay to be proud, but better to be humble. This the reason why components that I do buy in are of uncompromised high quality and from respected manufacturers. 

For example, the valve sections for both of the rotary and perinet trumpets are just like the ones used by Thein, Schagerl, Shires, etc. I aim to build instruments that last and can be passed on to a next generation like a treasure. If you like this thought then please read about my ideas about preserving craftmanship and quality on the Q4K page

Mod plus and Aether Baroque Trumpet
Mod plus and Aether Baroque Trumpet
Four custom RBM (Red Brass Monster) Bb trumpets in different setups/materials
Four custom RBM (Red Brass Monster) Bb trumpets in different setups/materials