Why Maintenance 

Good maintenance will lengthen the life of your brass instrument. Most instrument owners can do basic maintenance, but sometimes a bit more is needed. A good chemical clean that gets rid of corrosion and calcium deposits is an example of maintenance that must ideally be done by a professional. Just like a good digital valve alligment using fresh cork/felt rubbers, etc. 


I offer chemcleans that will make your instrument like new again on the inside using an environmental friendly product that won’t harm silver, gold or lacquer finish. I often work on period/original instruments for restorations and modifications and for that reason I am used to be extra careful not harming the finish and base materials when using any kind of chemicals. That is the same for ultrasonic treatment. I only use our ultrasonic cleaner there where it is safe. Old instruments that have become brittle over time, instruments with any form of red rot, and instruments with weak lacquer are cleaned without the use of ultrasonic equipment. After any form of chemcleaning lacquer will be rehydrated. 

I offer three different maintenance packages:

  • basic: chemclean/ultrasonic where possible.
  • more: chemclean + digital valve allignment with fresh felt/cork.
  • complete: chemclean, valve allignment and replacing valve guides / waterkey springs + a complete outside polish of the instrument.

The pricelist can be found here!

Please feel free to contact me for any more questions!