Mouthpiece Services

Handcuffing the rim on a baroque mouthpiece
Handcuffing the rim on a baroque mouthpiece

Custom mouthpiece Work

I offer new mouthpieces for natural and modern trumpet. Sometimes these are duplicates of mouthpieces that are no longer commercially available or “special request” pieces. These I generally produce in screw tops and backbores using “warburton” tread. I copy the rim, cup, throat and backbore using a 1:1 duplicator machine that I have designed and built using the best possible components.

I don’t have to make digital drawings (causing errors) but I can simply trace the original mouthpiece and fine tune it by hand. This machine also lets me combine the cup of one manufacturer with the rim of another, etc. For duplicates and custom mouthpieces I always use my own outer shape, out of respect for the original manufacturers and because of practical reasons / alterations at later stages. I worked hard to get this far with my self built machine and now I can do it! Please ask for more info about my custom mouthpiece services.

Besides this I can of course modify your favourite mouthpieces, thread backbores and cups for the various modular systems like warburton, Breslmair, etc.

I also offer custom two piece mouthpieces and copies for historic instruments. More info to be found here!