The big workshop move

28 Nov 2020

Day 8: Wood panel mounting day

Bruno Fernandes came to help me a full day mounting the pretty wooden panels against the walls downstairs. I miscalculated the amount of panels needed so we endes up two panels short. This meant we had time left for political discussions and a posed picture. It’s starting to look pretty! The workshop, that is...;)
27 Nov 2020

Day 7: paint, paint, paint!

The paintwork downstairs is finished! Another long day. This is important because I found a plumber to install the heating unit already this monday/tuesday. i’ll be assisting. It’s good I pushed getting the walls done asap because all the walls ideally need to be finished to install water and electrics. 
26 Nov 2020

Day 6: Another helper!

Danny Teong came to help this morning! Look at him being all professional. ;). Danny made the start on the primer on ceiling and walls. Later in the day I did all the surfaces. It’s high downstairs and it takes a lot of energy. Thanks to Danny it got all done today. Thank you Danny!
25 Nov 2020

Wall and doors

Day 5: The fire retardant wall and doors downstairs are up. I work days of 10-12 hours to get everything prepped for the electrician next week. They need finished walls and ceilings to mount on. I am still looking for a good plumber that can install the heating and water. Quite a challenge and time is ticking...
24 Nov 2020

Day 4: wood panel hauling and wall building

Today my wife and I worked on the wood panels upstairs and in the evening I finished the block wall downstairs with a professional builder. I am learning a lot about construction. Long days, but the results are showing!
24 Nov 2020

Day 3 ½: big progress upstairs!

The upstairs is ready for the electrician next week. This space will also have a polish room and little office/teaching room. These I will build next week.
23 Nov 2020

Day 3: Son paints like a pro

Thanks to chris we got all primed upstairs yesterday. Today I applied the wall paint onto it and I got some help from my oldest son, William. And we got it all done! That was fun! It’s a family business after all...

The internet got connected today and I also continued the search for a new plumber and electrician. They are all very busy and some are asking extortionate prices just because they can. But it looks like I am in luck. Can’t wait to have lights and heating in here, because it is gradually getting colder here and it takes 4-5 weeks of heating the floor with the underfloor heating to get rid of moisture still present from the build.

22 Nov 2020

Day 2: Christopher Price’s painting skills

We met a few weeks ago and then Chris generously offered to help me a day getting ceiling and walls of the upstairs primed. We worked hard and got it all done. Thank you so much, Chris!
21 Nov 2020

Day 1: Wall building downstairs

The workshop has an upstairs and a downstairs. Downstairs we are building a fire retardant divider wal with a door to upstairs and l and a door to the “harry potter” style toilet cubicle. It is not done yet but it feels like a big step on the first day!

20 Nov 2020


A special day! I got the keys of my brandnew workshop space. But a lot needs doing before it is a new workshop. It is totally empty. 
This shell needs to be transformed within 5-6 weeks. I have made progress in finding people that can do work here and slowly but surely it looks like it’s coming together. Tomorrow we start building!
15 Nov 2020

Okay, let’s take it from the top...

The building company that was going to do all the basic work (heating, electrics, wall builds, etc) suddenly decided to give me a new quote. One designed to be declined. 

So now I am very busy finding other people that can help me out to stay on track with the whole build. It will not be the last challenge so I am staying positive!
14 Nov 2020

One more week!

Nov 20 I’ll get the keys! I am very busy planning all the work. Walls, Heating, Electric installation, floors, safety blinds, etc. I can’t wait to start!
22 Sep 2020

Brickwork done!

All the brickwork is done. I’ve spoken to a builder to help me shape the two working spaces inside. Waiting for a quote. Fingers crossed...
5 Aug 2020

A little peek inside

I had a sneak peak inside. This is the ground floor. The first floor has the same dimensions. It will be almost double the size of my current workshop. I can easily imagine working in here!

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