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The big workshop move

8 Jan 2021

Prepping for upstairs floor

Today i brought away all the wood scraps for downstairs and later my family gave me a little hand to make a start on the upstairs floor. This is going to to be a lot of work with a lot of little planks..
7 Jan 2021

Downstairs floor with the floor heroes!

Today Nicolas and Chris came to help me with the downsairs floor. They worked so hard that the downstairs is all done! Amazing teamwork but for outsiders ee must have looked like ants randomly running around.
6 Jan 2021

Sorting out all the wood for downstairs

After a day of online teaching I sorted out all the beginning and ends of the floor for downstairs. This is needed because I picked up the floor used. Don’t want to end up with too little!
5 Jan 2021

Laquer Finished!

All the laquer work that needed finishing before the floor is put in is finished! In the photo you only see a small part of all the work done. Tomorrow I prepare downstairs for flooring! Thursday we work on the downstairs floor.
4 Jan 2021

Painting with Graham

Yesterday and today I had the honour to work with Graham Nicholson. We made progress on the paintwork. What a guy. One more layer of laquer on the doors, doorframes and windowframes and then those are done!
1 Jan 2021

Preparing for woodwork paint

All the wall connections to door and window frames have been sealed up so tomorrow I can start paintwork on the door and window frames. As soon that is done the floors can be put in. Then the actual moving of things can start.
30 Dec 2020

Progress progress

Over the last few days I have been doing lots of work on the walls and bought and collected the downstairs and upstairs oak floors. Next steps are painting the door and window frames and add floors. Then...move in!
24 Dec 2020

Security System Installed

I finished all the woodwork which is now ready for paint prep and I installed the security / alarm system today. Beautiful technology! 
23 Dec 2020

Adding shelving!

I took the shelving from my old workshop and added it to my new shop. We also made the doors the correct height for a wooden floor, and prepared a door and some windows for the glass. More shelving needs putting up but it’s hard to get the correct L studs during the lockdown. Soon I’ll be doing paintwork!
22 Dec 2020

Yes, a post again!

I am still working every day but not updating daily. The physical work is good for me but makes me fall asleep early lately. When I arrive home I fall asleep. But work is getting done! I added all the extra sockets I need. And also made and added the cornering to the two spaces upstairs. I spent time in my old shop to make plans and pack some. And still looking for an affordable floor!
18 Dec 2020

Day 25: Warm water up and downstairs and more 220v sockets

Today Lex Vollebregt was here again (thank you Lex) to do the last jobs on the water and taps. All done! Later in the day I worked on some lights and the 230v sockets downstairs. Tomorrow I’m doing a similar thing upstairs. And I am still searching for a good engineered floor!
17 Dec 2020

Day 24: More paintwork finished

Today I finished the paintwork on the walls of the rooms upstairs. Because of covid I am working really alone. Work progress feels slow but in the end of the day it is paying off. Thinking about options for the floor because that job is coming closer and I have not yet found a good durable floor yet within the budget.
16 Dec 2020

Day 23: Primer on the wall (great name for a song?)

Primer the last few walls of the building today! When I was halfways I ran out of primer. But we have the lockdown here. The shops are closed. Luckily my workshop neighbour helped to find a solution and I got it all done in the evening.
15 Dec 2020

Day 22: More wall preparations and all doors are in!

Day 22: In the morning I managed to prepare the walls of the polish room and office upstairs for painting. But I was feeling not good enough to carry on. A total lockdown due to many covid19 infections was announced in the afternoon starting from tomorrow and that made me rush to the store to get more supplies and materials to keep myself going. That’s going to be a challenge. In the evenening I worked with Jorick (blijenberg bouw en timmerwerken) on the doors, toilet placement and wood trims for both rooms upstairs. And I finished the wall paint prep! All rooms have functioning doors now and all remaining “bare” walls are prepped for paint. Some doors still need windows but that is a concern for later..
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